NIM Four-Fold Programmable Logic Unit


The N1081A is a laboratory tool that incorporates in a single NIM module the most common functionalities that you need to implement the logic capabilities of your experiment.

The module is organized in four sections, with 6 inputs and 4 outputs each (selectable impedance) accepting TTL/NIM signals. Each section is configurable independently according to one of the available pre-programmed functions, like scaler, counter, time stamping, digital pulse generator, etc. The section programming can be done using the 2.8” touch screen display or via the web-interface. Each section integrates a discriminator with programmable threshold and an asynchronous Gate&Delay with 5 ns resolution. This allows the user to trim at best the needed parameters and to perform accurate measurements.

The web-interface allows the user to remotely configure the instrument, monitor the functions output, dump data on file or history chart and access to the most advanced features, like the logic analyser and the configuration of advanced functions. No software installation is required!

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