CAEN Technologies. Your partner on the edge of discovery.

CAEN Technologies Inc. is proud to bring to North America the best instrumentation available on the market to address the challenging needs of the Nuclear Physics and Engineering communities and industries. Thanks to the expansion of the CAEN Group and to valuable partnerships, solutions for Accelerators and High Energy Physics, Synchrotron Light Sources and Battery Industries, Nuclear Safety and Security are now at your hand to never stop your need to look beyond.

CAEN SpA provides a complete range of High/Low Voltage Power Supply systems and Front-End/Data Acquisition modules which meet IEEE Standards for Nuclear and Particle Physics. Extensive Research and Development capabilities allowed CAEN SpA to play an important long term role in this field. CAEN activities have always been at the forefront of technology, thanks to years of intensive collaborations with the most important Research Centres of the world. CAEN products appeal to a wide range of customers including engineers, scientists and technical professionals who all trust them to achieve their goals faster and more effectively.

CAEN ELS is a leading company in the design of power supplies and state-of-the-art complete electronic systems for the Physics research world, having its main focus on dedicated solutions for the particle accelerator community and high-end industrial applications.

Thanks to the longstanding engineering, manufacturing and maintenance experience of CAEN SpA, CAEN ELS has become a strategic and reliable partner for the community, being able to integrate its products and solutions with direct support to the customers and their installations.

CAEN SyS has a strong knowledge on nuclear measurement, developing Radiation Measurements Systems and Spectroscopy Solutions applied to operations within Nuclear Fuel Facilities, Nuclear Power Plant, Measurements Laboratories and Security premises. CAEN SyS has a strong knowledge on nuclear measurement, developing Radiation Measurements Systems and Spectroscopy Solutions applied to operations within Nuclear Fuel Facilities, Nuclear Power Plant, Measurements Laboratories and Security premises.

Weeroc is a spin-off company from Omega laboratory (IN2P3/CNRS French governmental agency for fundamental research in astrophysics, particle physics and nuclear physics) and today offers a full range of products to read out almost any kind of detector. In particular, it provides off-the-shelf programmable analog and mixed front-end ASICs for photon and particle detectors readout, together with Testboards specifically designed for each ASIC.
Weeroc main customers are the major actors in the fields of:

  • Medical imaging
  • Homeland security
  • Nuclear protection
  • Scientific instrumentation
  • Space (launchers and satellites)

Nalu Scientific specializes in advanced mixed signal integrated circuits with applications in particle tracking and time of flight measurements. Nalu Scientific has been the recipient of multiple SBIR awards, to develop the next generation System-on-a-Chip based front-end electronics for particle tracking applications. Our team has extensive working relationships with several U.S. national labs and also international collaborations (such as KEK in Japan).

Management Team

Our team comprises people with rich background and knowledge in nuclear field. We believe that CAEN Technologies team members’ strong experience is our core advantage in the world of nuclear measurement, providing customers complete tailored solutions or very specific solutions to embed in existing realities.

Nicola Paoli

President and CEO

Nicola is a cofounder of the company and he also has a position as Marketing and Sales Division Director in CAEN SpA where for more than 20 years he has worked in the Marketing and Sales developing a wide experience in product lines promotion, sales strategy and managing distributors on the international markets. As executive of CAEN Technologies he is today developing and supporting strategies that direct the company’s overall growth.

Marco Locatelli

COO and Sales Manager

Marco is Sales Manager and COO of CAEN Technologies Inc. He joined CAEN Technologies in 2011, after obtaining a M.Sc. in Plasma Physics at University of Milano-Bicocca. Responsible for the sales across North America, he has established the CAEN brand by building trusted relationships with researchers in the most advanced Universities and Research Laboratories. As COO, he is responsible for improving business operations and growing client relationships to ensure continued innovation and success for all.

Jacopo Givoletti

Vice-president and Co-founder

Jacopo started working in the company since 2000 starting his career in sales. In 2004 together with Nicola he opened the US branch, CAEN Technologies,Inc., where he served as President until January 2017. From 2010 he has been also in charge to develop the China and Russia markets. Besides following and managing the sales activities he helped the company to shape the strategy for the future years including new product lines.

Massimo Morichi

Business Developer and Scientist Advisor

Massimo started his activity with the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics-INFN and the Ministry of Interior for the Chernobyl emergency, while he was Teacher at the Atomic Defence Laboratory (VVFF-CSE-Rome) on Gamma-Spectrometry and Nuclear Emergency Measurements. Massimo joined in 1997 the COGEMA group as Technical and Marketing Manager; in 2005 he was appointed VP R&D CTO of the AREVA BU Nuclear Measurements (CANBERRA Inc. in US) and in March 2011 he took the responsibility in Japan of the AREVA Fukushima Project as WG Leader of the site remediation and mitigation plan. He established key technology developments with CEA, DOE National Laboratories, IAEA and major nuclear industries.