CAEN and Weeroc exclusive distribution

worldwide exclusive distribution agreement with Weeroc SAS

CAEN Spa is very excited and proud to announce that it has entered into a worldwide exclusive distribution agreement with Weeroc SAS, an outstanding company that designs and provides analogue and mixed ASICs for the industry and the physics community.

About Weeroc

Weeroc is a spin-off company from Omega laboratory (IN2P3/ CNRS French governmental agency for fundamental research in astrophysics, particle physics and nuclear physics) and today offers a full range of products to read out almost

any kind of detector. In particular, it provides off-the-shelf programmable analog and mixed front-end ASICs for photon and particle detectors readout, together with Testboards specifically designed for each ASIC.

Weeroc main customers are the major actors in the fields of:

  • Medical imaging
  • Homeland security
  • Nuclear protection
  • Scientific instrumentation
  • Space (launchers and satellites)

In order to widen the adoption of Weeroc ASICs, CAEN developed specifically the DT5550W a system designed
to extensively test the ASICs. The DT5550W has a user programmable FPGA allowing the user to characterize the performance of one or multiple chips and build a complete DAQ system.

Moreover CAEN offers a solution based on CITIROC ASIC, for SiPM arrays readout.

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