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The VME bus (VERSAModule Eurocard) architecture was born in 1981 as a combination of VERSA bus electrical specification and EUROCARD form factor. Its development was first due to industrial application, where its durability and flexibility solved some problem involved in the use of first Personal Computers. These qualities made it ideal for many applications like military, medical, telecommunication and high energy physics. During the years the original VME standard has been renewed, giving rise to new standards like VME64 (1989) and VME64X (1997), that show improvements in data path, addressing range and data transfer rate. The VME boards are a trademark of CAEN production, a deep knowledge achieved in 20 years of experience with the world's greatest physics experiments. Examples of these succesful collaborations can be seen in the LHC major experiments, for which CAEN developed special crates of fast TDCs in a dedicated architecture and controllers. CAEN is also present in underground laboratories all around the world, for which provides dedicated solutions for the neutrino physics. CAEN is a partner of the VME International Trade Association (VITA) a non-profit organization for the development and the promotion of VME architecture and open technology standards.