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main A7585


Digital Controlled Power Supply for SiPM

  • 20-85 V Output Voltage
  • 10 mA Output Current
  • 1 mV Output Voltage step
  • Less than 300 µV rms noise
  • User Selectable Digital / Analog output voltage control
  • Automatic temperature feedback on the output voltage
  • Support for remote analog temperature sensor on the detector unit
  • Internal memory for permanent storage of calibration and configuration
  • UART/I2C digital control + Analog input (0-4.5 V)
  • Real-time Output Voltage and Output Current monitoring
  • 60 nA resolution on measured Output Current
  • 1.5 mV resolution on measured Output Voltage
  • 0.05 °C resolution on measured Temperature
  • Extremely compact: 35x39x5 mm3
  • Input Voltage: 5-26 V
  • Power consumption: 100 mW (without load)
  • ZEUS control software available
child1 A7585
A7585 SiPM Power Module is a compact and integrated solution to provide stable and noiseless power supply for single and array / matrix SiPM detectors.
High resolution Output Voltage and Output Current measurements enable the A7585 to be used for I-V detector characterization. Digital (UART, I2C and USB with adapter) and analog control interface are runtime selectable by a single pin or a digital command.
The module integrates a temperature HV loop that regulates the SiPM output voltage as a programmable function of the SiPM temperature coefficient.
arrow SiPM (single and matrix) bias
arrow PIN diodes bias
arrow SiPM characterization
arrow High resolution spectroscopy systems
arrow Medical Imaging systems
arrow LIDARs
Functional Diagram
child1-2 A7585
child2 A7585
Plug and Play
The A7585DU model comes with Micro-USB Connection for an easy plug 'n play functionality providing power and data transfer in one cable. Simple to setup and control, just install the software ZEUS.
The module also has a 2.54 mm connector to integrate it in the user circuit and operate in self-power mode
child3 A7585
ZEUS is a Windows compatible software that allows to control multiple A7585D and A7585DU modules using RS232 or USB connection. The software is based on a user friendly GUI that allows the parameters configuration and the data logging on file. It integrates realtime plot capabilities (voltage, current and temperature) with the possibility to superimpose measurements from several modules.
ZEUS software is the simplest way to program temperature LUT compensation.