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main A7236/AG7236 - A7435/AG7435

A7236 / A7435

General Purpose High Power & High Resolution Power Supplies

  • 12/24/32 independently High Voltage power supply channels
  • 0 ÷ 3.5 kV output voltage
  • 4 models available:
    - AG7236/AG7435 (Common Ground)
    - A7236/A7435 (Common Floating Return)
  • A7236/AG7236 Dual range current:
    - High Power: 0 ÷ 1.5 mA, (Imon res.: 5 nA)
    - High resolution: 0 ÷ 150 μA, (Imon res.: 500 pA)
  • A7435/AG7435 Dual range current:
    - High Power: 0 ÷ 3.5 mA, (Imon res.: 10 nA)
    - High resolution: 0 ÷ 350 μA, (Imon res.: 1 nA)
  • Radiall 52 pin or SHV connectors
  • Available with positive or negative polarity
  • Low Ripple
  • 5 mV voltage set and monitor resolution
  • Independently programmable for each channel:
    - Output voltage (5 mV resolution)
    - Current limit (10 nA resolution)
    - Ramp up/down (1÷500 V/s)
    - TRIP parameter
Overview A7236 / A7435
This new pair of CAEN general purpose power supplies will provide you with tremendous power and resolution performance at a cost effective price! You will never have to compromise again. The x7235 and x7236 house 12, 24 or 32 independent high voltage channels, available with either positive or negative polarity, compatible with CAEN Universal Multichannel Power Supply Systems (SY1527, SY2527, SY3527, SY4527, SY5527).

CAEN provides 2 different channel grounding: Common Ground (AG7236/AG7435) for standard applications, and Common Floating Return (A7236/A7435 - on-detector grounding) suitable for applications with more stringent noise requirements.The floating return is insulated from the crate earth up to ±25 V.

The boards are available in different versions equipped with SHV or Radiall Multipin connectors.

The output voltage range is 0 ÷ 3.5 kV, with 5 mV of set and monitor resolution.

The output channels offer dual current ranges (software selectable).

A7236/AG7236 Dual range current:

pnt High Power:
pnt High Resolution:
0 ÷ 1.5 mA
0 ÷ 150 µA
I set resolution: 10 nA
I set resolution: 10 nA
I mon resolution: 5 nA
I mon resolution: 500 pA
Max. power: 4 W

A7435/AG7435 Dual range current:

pnt High Power:
pnt High Resolution:
0 ÷ 3.5 mA
0 ÷ 350 µA
I set resolution: 10 nA
I set resolution: 10 nA
I mon resolution: 10 nA
I mon resolution: 1 nA
Max. power: 9 W

Independently programmable for each channel:
pnt Output voltage:
pnt Current limit (Iset):

pnt HV Ramp up/down:
pnt TRIP parameter
0 ÷ 3.5 kV
0 ÷ 1.5 / 0.15 mA
0 ÷ 3.5 / 0.35 mA
1 ÷ 500 V/sec
step: 5 mV
step: 10 nA
step: 10 nA
step: 1 V/sec
Model compare
Max Output V (kV)
Maximum Current
Vset / Vmon
Resolution (mV)
Iset / Imon
Resolution (nA)
# of channels
1.5 mA / 150 μA selectable
10 / 5
12 / 24 / 32
Common Floating Return
1.5 mA / 150 μA selectable
10 / 5
12 / 24 / 32
Common Ground
3.5 mA / 350 μA selectable
10 / 1
12 / 24
Common Floating Return
3.5 mA / 350 μA selectable
10 / 1
12 / 24
Common Ground
Safety features A7236 / A7435
Safety features
arrow Channels can be enabled or disabled through the Global Interlock logic.
arrow Overvoltage and Undervoltage warning when the output voltage differs from the programmed value.
arrow Overcurrent detection: when a channel attempts to exceed the programmed current limit, it signaled to be in "overcurrent" and enter in a TRIP status. The output voltage is varied to keep the current below the programmed limit for a programmable TRIP time, then the channel is switched off. If TRIP is set to "constant current mode", the channel behaves like a current generator.
arrow Hardware VMAX and IMAX:maximum output voltage and maximum current value can be fixed, via front panel potentiometer, at the same common value for all the board channels. IMAX and VMAX values can be read out via software.
arrow Safety Board Interlock: this protection disables the HV generation when the HV outputs are not connected to their loads. (1)

(1) Only for Multipin Connector Versions
Connectors & Adapters
For boards with Radiall 52 pin connector are available the following accessories:
pnt Mate cable connector (Mod. A996) and relevant insertion/ extraction tool (Mod. A995)
pnt 32 Channel Radiall Multipin to SHV Adapter (Mod. A649 - R649)
pnt 24 Channel Radiall Multipin to SHV Adapter (Mod. A647 - R647)
Universal Multichannel System - Mainframes
Modularity, Compatibility, Connectivity, Usability and Solidity are the keywords of the system design. The Mainframes have been specifically designed to power all detector technologies found in modern Physics Experiments, such as photomultipliers, wire chambers, streamers tubes, silicon detectors and others.

The systems are modular, flexible and match not only the requirements of major experiments with large number of channels but also the practical needs of test laboratories, where simple manual operations on a limited number of channels are often desired.

For more information see the Mainframes web pages: